MPG Series 200 Thermoelectric Power modules and arrays are designed as solid state converters of heat to electricity, made with high power, high efficiency base semiconductor materials are manufactured in-house using MicroPower Global’s proprietary crystal growth technology. Proprietary interconnect technology allows the device to operate at temperatures of up to 600°C. Our modules can be connected in series or parallel to provide endless configurations for optimum power generation schemes. Small footprint and flexibility in installation allow system designers and integrators to take advantage of heat sources that may be otherwise hard to reach by other conventional means of industrial power harvesting and waste heat recovery such as steam, Stirling and Rankine cycle engines.

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Product ID
MPG 200 Series
Download AttachmentMax Power (W)
Thot 600oC
Tcold 25oC
Operating Temperature
Thot 440oC Tcold 25oC
Dimensions (mm)
X / Y / Z
Power (W)Voltage (V)Current (A)


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