Chances in Life

November 23, 2018 – January 6, 2019
2B Gallery Budapest

Zsuzsi Flohr’s exhibition entitled Chances in Life deals with the life of her own grandfather, primarily by drawing the built environment that framed it, discovered family relics, and conversations with the two children of Gyula Flohr, János and Marcsi. The exhibition presents contradictory narratives by the family and the state, pointing to nuanced social and gender relations, and generally the chances in life in Central and Eastern Europe in an increasingly closed society.

Chances in Life Exhibition

The Jewish Renaissance Boxing Club

The Jewish Renaissance Boxing Club (JRBC) is an ongoing project since 2014. The JRBC takes boxing as both an activity and a cultural, political metaphor. Boxing requires awareness of boundaries: taking responsibility for your opponents and for yourself. Our goal is to open the metaphor of boxing in myriad ways; as a cultural reference, as communal and recreational […]